About Tiger Truck International

Tiger Truck has the largest available array of truck body options for niche applications. Primary distribution in the U.S. is through a select dealership network. car buying and selling


Tiger Truck was founded in 1999 with the goal of marketing and distributing a reliable and inexpensive off road truck that could service the needs of Business, Industry and Government. The Tiger Truck staff is comprised of team members with a combined total of over 100 years of automotive manufacturing experience thereby providing a strong support system for the Tiger product.

Off road trucks are advantageous where the work application does not require on road use thereby keeping the vehicle on the worksite and avoiding licensing and insurance costs.  The off road limitation also discourages employees from using the truck for non-work related activities and lessens the liability exposure of the business or government organization by not having the truck on a public road.  Many states allow the licensing of these vehicles but they are restricted to a 25 mph speed limit and select public roads.  Customers interested in on road use should check with the local authorities for further information.

The Tiger Truck vision was to have a truck with real work capacity but also be maneuverable to work in tight areas where space was limited.  We found such a vehicle available from a Chinese manufacturer.  This manufacturer ships these vehicles all over the world.  They have joint ventured vehicle manufacturing with major companies such as Ford, General Motors and Mazda. We started by importing the Star Standard Cab and added a Crew Cab and Van due to customer requests.

In 2008 we moved the Tiger Truck operation to Poteau, Oklahoma.  We acquired a 180,000 sq. ft.  facility on a 26 acre campus.  This facility allowed us to detail and store the vehicles indoors while waiting for shipment to Dealers and customers.  It also allowed us to do value added modifications where needed.  Tiger Truck is positioned to be a reliable and cost effective supplier of small work vehicles to business, industry and government.  Our experienced and professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service.  We look forward to servicing your small work vehicle needs in the future.

Mike Felder - President